Health & Safety

The Radds workforce of more than 650 people are the company’s greatest asset, which is why the organisation has undertaken to safeguard each and every one by living a culture of 'safety first'. The importance of health and safety is communicated to every staff member throughout all divisions and operations via an engagement programme, where Safety Officers, Site Supervisors and Management are regularly involved in briefing sessions around safety, health and environment issues.

Radds is proud of its health and safety track record and takes its responsibility towards staff and its customers very seriously by ensuring it meets its obligations in terms of its certifications, which was achieved through Internationally-recognised bodies since 2012.

Radds is a proud holder of OHSAS 18001 (pron. O-sass eighteen thousand and one), ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and ISO9001 for Quality Management. In addition the company is certified by RTMS – the Road Traffic Management System - and SQAS for transporting chemicals.

Extensive operator and driver training ensures that Radds provides a quality and professional service to its customers, within the Safety guidelines set out by the organisation. Of equal importance is that the company promotes the safe and proper operation of machinery with supplementary training by the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Several Radds employees and specialist training staff have undergone product and operator training at Hitachi Construction Machinery, Bell Equipment and PowerStar; and have been declared certified trainers. These certified trainers now provide in-house training to other employees on a regular basis via an in-house training academy.