Heavy Transport

The Radd's Heavy Transport Division is a specialist at carrying abnormal loads nationally and across borders. This Division is experienced and equipped to offer the full range of abnormal load services to customers.

The low-bed trucks have undergone strict inspection and have been granted unique AV numbers by the Department of Transport, enabling Radds to carry loads over the maximum permissible mass compared to regular road users.

Each abnormal load journey requires meticulous preparation to develop a so-called 'flight plan' for the route. This includes extensive planning to avoid traffic congestion and peak traffic along the route, as far as possible, to avoid unnecessary delays and chaos on the roads.

Applications are made to the road traffic authorities for specialised permits, and arrangements are made for self-escort vehicles, as well as a police escort when needed.

Once underway, the trip is constantly monitored to ensure that the load is delivered safely and on time to its destination.

The Radds Heavy Transport Division is a preferred supplier to, Bell Equipment, helping the Richards Bay-based local manufacturer to transport its heavy equipment safely to its customers around Southern Africa.